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Spent the last two days home sick. Got out of bed for a smidge and worked on my Disney vest. Super excited how my pockets came out. Can’t wait to finish this and wear it with the peeps


Model Making by Satoshi Araki

The world of Japanese miniature art is vast and deep. Artists who create miniature worlds out of everything from toy train tracks and wood to human hair. Satoshi Araki is an artist worth noting, not for his use of odd materials, but for his emphasis on teeny tiny details.

The 45-year old Tokyo-based artist makes a living by crafting miniature models of towns, cars, bicycles and almost anything. But his specialty seems to be chaotic cityscapes that are the result of urban decay or warfare.


Spent some quality time with some people who matter to me. Now work awaits me at 4am. Expecting zombie mode to kick in real strong later today


If you haven’t seen Emma Watson’s beautifully eloquent speech yet, definitely take the time for it.

If you are a man who stands for women’s rights, please join the other 125,000 men who are standing beside the #HeForShe campaign. 


ahh real monsters was da bomb